Sunday, November 25, 2018

Reunion Rendezvous

The romance is definitely there, but so is the action and the adventure. Reunion Rendezvous is available as both a paperback and as an e-book at Amazon.


When Ashley and Jessica find a trapdoor in a storage unit while gathering decorations for their 10th annual high school reunion, their curiosity costs Jessica her life, and Ashley has seen too much to be allowed to live. Only her high school sweetheart Matt, now a government agent, stands between her and certain death, but can he save her from an army of ruthless killers?


Ever since reading Ian Fleming's 1962 thriller, The Spy Who Loved Me, I've wanted to try my hand at the same genre. My story differs from Fleming's, of course, but it also shares a few of the same elements:
  • A courageous and determined damsel in distress
  • Ruthless adversaries
  •  A government agent who's not above bending the rules
  • Exotic locales
  • Desperate, life-and-death struggles on virtually every page
  • Passionate romance
 I can only hope you'll enjoy Reunion Rendezvous as much as I loved the novel that inspired it. If so, I'll consider it a tremendous success.

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