Sunday, May 17, 1970

Sample Readings

The excepts from the novels are incomplete, but the short stories and essay are presented in their entirety. Nevertheless, all the readings are merely samples, provided to offer only an indication of the type of works, characters, plots, settings, techniques, and themes of the fiction and nonfiction works that I have written and which I am selling on Amazon. 

Click on the link to the title of the selection you wish to read. 

I write in all genres of fiction. The contents of this sampler includes a historical murder mystery (Death in the Old Dominion), a Western (Good with a Gun), a Viking adventure (The Flame ofthe Sea), a science fiction-horror hybrid (Townies), a romance (Reunion Rendezvous), a young adult adventure novel written from a Christian perspective (Revelation Point), a short story from one of my two volumes of horror short stories (Sinister Stories), and an essay from my book of literary analyses (bit Lit).

After each sample, I invite you to order a copy of the books in this sampler, including URLs (web addresses) for your convenience, and ask you to do a favor for me: please review the books you've sampled. Thank you!

All books are under copyright protection, as noted in their respective publications.

Gary L. Pullman

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