Saturday, November 24, 2018


Like most other writers, I write what I like, which includes science fiction. My novel, Townies, is available as an e-book on Amazon.


Summoned by an unspoken, but irresistible, command, strangers come, from all over the United States, to Dry Gulch, a small northern Nevada town where life's become unaccountably strange of late.

Servers deliver raw food to diners' tables. The town's cemetery is enormous, the dates on the headstones remarkable. A boardinghouse landlady, like the local police, takes an odd interest in her tenants' comings and goings. A homeless man roaming the streets warns of weird lights and the approach of something dangerous and uncanny.

Then, the army comes to town, as do outlaw bikers and a circus troupe of extraordinary performers.

What force or power could underlie such an astonishing mix of humanity? The townies—and the rest of the world—are about to find out!
Townies is a scary, suspenseful thrill ride that will leave readers gasping as they wonder how they managed to survive.

Several sources of inspiration account for this novel: my interest in surrealism, especially the works of Hieronymus Bosch and Rene Magritte; superhero comic books; 1950s sci fi; The Twilight Zone television series; Stephen King's treatment of small towns as hotbeds of mystery and evil; and Dean Koontz's novels, Phantoms and The Taking

There are probably one or two (or a dozen) other sources of inspiration, but, if so, they're under the radar of my own awareness.

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