Saturday, June 29, 2019

The Valley of the Shadow

The Valley of the Shadow, book two in my Adventure of the Old West series, is available on Amazon in paperback and e-book formats.


Mysterious stalkers. Corrupt politicians. A crime spree such as Excelsior has never seen. Murder. Mayhem. Hired guns. Can Sheriff Bane Messenger take control? He learns there's more to being a lawman than just being good with a gun.


I've read several non-fiction books by journalists and historians about famous Wild West figures. These books often give detailed background information about the lives and times of their subjects. Such material is often ignored, avoided, or glossed over by authors of fiction who prefer to focus on specific scenes involving dramatic events.

My fiction is about action and adventure, but it is often inspired by actual incidents that are factual, rather than fictional. In my novels, of course, I treat situations and events fictitiously, dramatizing them, and prefer to pursue action and adventure instead of "just the facts, ma'am," as Dragnet's Sergeant Friday used to tell women he interviewed.

Nevertheless, I find that the factual details that sometimes inspire my work, as a few did The Valley of the Shadow, make my fiction more realistic, compelling, and exciting.
I hope you'll agree.